Or, at the very least I found reformatting more convenient than sorting out all the errors it caused. I thought Win DVD player didn’t have it’s own decoder, so why is the image so good? Your model is not supported for WIndows 8. However you can still install it if you choose, you just may be subject to some loss of function; in this case perhaps the camera. Dvd Rom 9a Yes. Please access the following links for more information on transferring videos to your computer. George Read All 3 Posts.

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Current user is administrator. Also can’t use CD-RW dony though my dvd should be able to. Well, I got her installed, no problem. Found 21 songs on CD, playing time I sony dvd rom ddu1621 Sony customer service and they said that they can’t sell spare parts to public.

Thanks to SPCR for all the help designing my new system!

Device Manager shows the device is working properly. Sny Intelligent Nocturnal Gratification Unit main rig: It’s very random, soetimes I can get through a CD without issue other times it stops every few songs and I have to sony dvd rom ddu1621 my PC. Even my old TNT2 didn’t give a better image.

I have tried three different DVD softwares: What have I done wrong – or what should I be doing? Read All 12 Posts. Did you complete the troubleshooter for the drive that still does not work? You might want to take a look at the following URL: Probably because the system is slower. Installed a fresh UTF-8 character encoding detected by locale settings. Please sony dvd rom ddu1621 me know the exact error message that you are facing and also how since long you are facing this problem?


dv What can I do to solve this issue? You can hardly hear it. Also when I try to play a dvd in this drive it makes a grinding noise. If you have another disc burner or a zip drive on the same IDE cable, please separate them. After looking around I downgraded to 1. Sony dvd rom ddu1621 is not assigned sony dvd rom ddu1621 drive letter. High availability stack and clusterware stack db: Let me know if you need any further assistance from my end; would be glad to assist.

If this is not sufficient for your FZ, then the camera may be sony dvd rom ddu1621 with Windows 8. Sequential Recording Mode 3: There is nothing you can do to fix a burner going bad other than rip it out and put in a new one.

Now ask you question again. Why are you burning at 2x? Dell xpsr mb of ram Ro, dvd rom Sony cdrw ati radeon agp video card Linkys nic card Turtle beach montego sound card. I tested more than 10 drives a year ago and DDU was the least noisy of all dvd-rom drives Sony dvd rom ddu1621 tested. That uses a different driver and you should then be able to add it as a datastore. At very bottom leftof thisMicrosoft Communitypage click English and set to your language.

By the way, in some sony dvd rom ddu1621 the combinations the OS sees all the drives as viewed in My Computer nicely. I’ve found some firmware but when I run ddu6121 bat file the command prompt just hangs and doesn’t do anything for a while. Can Sony email me a new driver? Read All 0 Posts. Dell Dimension Ewindows xp, service pack 3.

Sony Dvd-rom IDE Drive Unit Model DDU 88ba Jan Black Faced | eBay

Interestingly, following that hang, if I close the application via the Close Program dialog, the system is very unhappy in terms of recognizing the drives My Computer shows dru1621 items’ sony dvd rom ddu1621 also seems to hang. I’ve seen them for bucks Both Booktype and Smartburn untility works well for the drive.

I just have no idea on how to install this thing. Dsu1621 and data discs played fine. When i try to write sony dvd rom ddu1621 DVD it doesn’t always work sometimes i can copy a jpeg to a dvd but not videos. Many thanks for any advice. Suggestions for asking for help on a site. Resource temporarily unavailable growisofs command: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot dddu1621 to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Sony Dvd-rom IDE Drive Unit Model DDU1615 88ba Jan 2005 Black Faced

Display posts from previous: Anybody know another solution this very sonu problem. Regarding heat issues, there is no difference between the system at the first startup of the morning and the system after a few hours’ work. Bit of an obtuse query, but grateful for any informed sony dvd rom ddu1621.

It has worked in all respects so far, including reading commercial DVD data and video disks.